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Bollywood Tours

Mumbai, or erstwhile Bombay is called Mayanagri or the City of Dreams.  Drawn by Bollywood dreams, the city sees an influx of Bollywood crazy wannabe stars, songwriters, singers, directors and dancers everyday Indian Film Industry being the poorer copycat cousin of Hollywood to the point of its mishmash name Bollywood (the Hollywood of Bombay). In 2006 alone, Bollywood produced 800 movies.

Film City situated in the forest cover of Borivali National Park is Mumbai’s biggest film studio. Out of bounds without prior permission, close to 20 shoots go on simultaneously at the sets and outdoor locations within its compounds.

The property also has chalets where actors can live on location during extended shootings, a large storage facility for props that can be reused, and a workshop where the components of the sets are prefabricated.

But how do Indian studios and Film city compare to those in Hollywood, world-class facilities such as Paramount Studio, Universal Studio and Sony Pictures (which bought the historic MGM studio)?

Unlike in Hollywood, studios in Mumbai are not open to the public for a Bollywood tour and the most one can hope to see are the gates. It’s strictly No Entry! But there’s one Bollywood tour package launched as recently as 2010 that has secured permission to take NRI and foreign tourists inside. Finally! Using these opportunities as a calling card, the time is ripe for a structured Bollywood tour package that can  take foreign guests inside Mumbai’s fast globalizing dream factory.

Option – I - Full Day Bollywood Tourism

Destinations : Pick Up Time: 0930 Am. - Mondays To Saturdays

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Option Ii - Half Day Bollywood Tourism

Destinations : Departure Time: 0900 Am Or 0130 Pm - Mondays To Saturdays

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